Danny Delight

Dynamite's his middle name


Billed Height: 6’ 3”

Billed Weight: 245

Age: 53

Finisher: “Turkish Delight” (Stalling Vertical Suplex)

Hometown: Cameron, North Carolina


Danny Delight is the definition of a seasoned veteran in the professional wrestling world. Over his long (though not very storied) career he’s wrestled nearly everywhere. Today he has taken to the role of charismatic mentor quite well. Though in the ring he may be one of the dirtiest fighters in the history of sport, his charming demeanor has won over everyone. For Danny, it ain’t about the titles and it never was. For Danny it’s about a good life with good people.

*Note: Nobody’s really sure, but Danny Delight’s middle name might actually be “Dynamite.”

Danny Delight

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