Stone Town Clown

The World's Strongest Juggalo


Billed Height: 6’ 6”

Billed Weight: 277

Age: 26

Hometown: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Finisher: Juggadriver (Package Pile Driver)


The Stone Town Clown is the definition of a big fish in a small pond. The guy’s got it all. He’s charismatic, strong as an ox, quick, a great in-ring technician, quick on his feet and can take a beating like nobody’s business. There’s just one thing that’s been keeping him out of the big league: his horrible clown gimmick. The guy is just annying and abrasive to watch when he’s out there ranting about ICP and sending a “Woop woop” to all his “ninjas.” His commitment to this “juggalo” way of life is the one thing stopping him from picking up a big time contract. The funny thing is, the guy doesn’t even do the drugs associated with the lifestyle. Hell, he doesn’t even take dietary supplements. He’s just really set on wearing that dumb clown makeup.

Word to the wise though, I wouldn’t suggest you make jokes to his face. He’ll seriously kick your ass.

Stone Town Clown

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