Nick Lavinski

The Future of Hardcore


Billed Height: 6’ 1”

Billed Weight: 253

Age: 20

Hometown: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Finisher: Über Driver (Kneeling Belly to Back Piledriver)


Nick Lavinski has lived in Stone Mountain his whole life. He was always big for his age but never had much interest in sports, aside from the professional wrestling he would watch on TV when his mom wasn’t home. Growing up Nick played a lot of video games, though his mom did not allow video games in the house so he had to get by playing at a friends house, or using the Game Gear he traded his sandwich for in 5th grade that he’s hid in his sock drawer ever since. Nick was never a driven individual and today he attends community college and appears to show no signs of going anywhere else. Lavinski hasn’t changed much. He eventually replaced his Game Gear with a PSP. He also smokes pot now. He’s still easily manipulated. And he frequently likes to remind people that he doesn’t care what his mom thinks.

Fun Fact: Yeah, he still lives with his mom.

Nick Lavinski

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