D.C. Pennies

He's Dirt Cheap


Billed Height: 6’ 4”

Billed Weight: 257

Age: 18

Finisher: Hog Washed (Savat kick)

Hometown: Under a Bridge Near You


DC Brian Pennies (born Brianmeyer David Pennigan) was the only son of the cheapest whore in Nevada. His mother abandoned him and he was eventually taken in by a family of Estonian immigrants. At the age of 14 he ran away from home and began begging for change and sleeping under the bridge. Then once he turned 16 he was able to get his M class drivers license. His next step was to beat the manager of a local biker club in a shoot wrestling match for his prized hog. He was later able the trade the pet pig for a motorcycle at a four H swap meet. Since then, he has traveled the country on his bike wrestling, usually for change. After two and a half years on the road and in the alleys, he arrived in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

D.C. Pennies

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