Luke Randall

The Man with the World's Strongest Lariat


Billed Height: 6’ 4”

Billed Weight: 258

Age: 29

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Finisher: The World’s Strongest Lariat


Luke Randall is the kind of man whose reputation precedes him. The second any heard that Big Randall was coming to Stone Mountain Wrestling, tales of his exploits began to circulate around the eager SMWF fans. Legend says that Luke grew up in the big cities of Texas. He started his career as a prize fighter in some of the biggest underground fighting circuits in the Lone Star state. His opponents would fall in line one by one after taking his signature lariat. Fighting across the country have demanded that he appear and take on their most cherished hometown heroes. After years of traveling he’s finally signed a long term contract with the Stone Mountain Wrestling Federation.

Luke Randall

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