Maggie Pierce

SMW's Honor Student


Billed Height: 5’ 6”

Billed Weight: 128

Age: 20

Hometown: Stone Mountain, Georgia

Finisher: “Aggravated Battery” (Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick)


Maggie Pierce just may be the world’s perfect girl. She’s caring, a certified, and drop dead gorgeous. She lived a near perfect life, but things tend to change. When she was 16, she was in her high school parking lot late at night after back-to-back Mathletes and volleyball practice. While attempting to get into her car she was mugged by a stranger in a black ski mask. From that point on she vowed to never be made into a victim again. Within 24 hours she enrolled herself into a local kickboxing class behind her parents’ backs.

Like everything else in life she excelled at martial arts and found herself unchallenged by fitness center aerobic fighting. Maggie then realized that her only chance to exceed would to approach some of the guys at school that were said to be learning Mixed Martial Arts. She cast aside their jeers and found out where they trained. She went on to become an expert in the areas of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Today, she is currently a fiercely dedicated Pre-Med student who supports herself by working two jobs at Hot Dog on a Stick and Foot Locker. She continued her training in secret. After years she finally decided to put herself to the ultimate test and joined the ranks of the Stone Mountain Wrestling Federation. (Lets just hope her dad doesn’t find out)

Maggie Pierce

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