Monstro the Monster Man


Strength 5 // Speed 1 // Technique 1 // Charisma 3 // Resistance 5

Billed height: 6’ 10”

Billed Weight: 300

Hometown: Parts Unknown

Finisher: The Monster Mash (Military Press into Oklahoma slam)

Entrance Music: The Beast by Twisted Sister


The Monster Man is the newest mysterious wrestler to hail from Parts Unknown. Quietly charismatic on the mic and viciously brutal in the ring, little else is known about the man inside the Monster Man, but it is rumored that the monster’s origin can be traced back to Oakland, California. . .

It is said that the man could be found in the infamous Black Hole posing as The Creature from the Silver and Black Lagoon until the day he encountered the greatest costume maker in all of Raider Nation. From this fateful meeting he acquired the menacing monster mask and his signature webbed gloves. Once in costume, the Monster Man was born. However loyal to the Raiders the Monster Man was, it is said that this new persona was too large to be contained by mere stadium seating. Monstro seemingly disappeared from society only to reappear in Stone Mountain, Georgia on a quest to find his true place in life: center stage.

His first obstacle will be to conquer Stone Mountain Wrestling. From there, who can really say? For rarely has such an enigmatic and powerful figure entered the ring. Poised to conquer the world, on can only ask: where does the man stop and the monster begin? Well, my friends, that’s the nature of the beast.

Monstro the Monster Man

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