Amadeus Birch

Viruoso of Violence


Strength 1 // Speed 4 // Technique 5 // Charisma 2 // Resistance 3

Height- 6’1”

Weight- 225

Hometown- Chesapeake, Virginia

Finisher- Fall Flat Major (Reverse suplex into sit-out 3/4 jawbreaker)


1,2,3. Amadeus Birch had heard the waltz counted before, but never like this. One measure- sweet and concise. The echo of a hand hitting canvas. His mother did not allow him to watch such things when he lived at home. He had been forced to punch the keys his whole life, but now an unsubtle, forceful urge begged him again and again to punch something else. “I could do that” he thought.

Six months practicing bumps had shaken a few more screws loose. Equally eager and socially unskilled, he pawned the Casio keyboard his mother had bought him and parlayed the money into a pair of boots. Ready enough now, “I’d like to be counted in.”

Amadeus Birch

Stone Mountain Wrestling Wingbeens